Exploring the Power of Crystals and Chakras

Healing, The Sound of Music

Yesterday, I participated in my first flute circle, it was such a magical experience that I just couldn’t wait to share it with you.

I have long been aware of the healing power of music, even as a child, I knew that watching Bugs Bunny with classical music brought a sense of everlasting calm to me.  Today, I include music as part of my own teachings on Chakras; that the Chakras actually resonate to different musical keys and vise versa.  We can activate closed Chakras by playing or listening to music in particular keys.  Again, I believe that everything in the universe is a vibration, or wavelength, which can be felt or experienced in one way or another.  And by chanting, meditating with music, or just easily listening throughout your day can bring further awareness and mindfulness.  Some would say that you need to go to a studio to practice Yoga, I agree, but add that Yoga really is “Being Mindful In Everything You Do”, and one of our most important skills is listening to our inner voice.  So our practice never really ends when we leave the studio, or depart from our teacher or guru, it is continual in every step we take.

Here is a list of our 7 main Chakras and their associated Keys

Root Chakra – C, Sacral Chakra – D, Solar Plexus Chakra – E, Heart Chakra – F, Throat Chakra – G, Third Eye Chakra – A, Crown Chakra – B

I have a couple of unique instruments that I feel bring that calmness and opening that we all need, I enjoy playing the Native American Flute and the Didgeridoo.  My playing is amateur, as I am no professional, but I do play from the heart, and for the greater good of my mind, body and soul.

Charles playing the North American Spirit Flute

Being part of the Flute Circle yesterday made me feel connected and mindful of everything around me, that community is of utmost importance, sharing in the story telling, friendships of new and old, and the beautiful sound of the flute, for her voice heals the world vibrationally.



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