Exploring the Power of Crystals and Chakras

Svadhisthana Chakra and its Crystals

Working our way up the vertebrae of your spine, we come to the next stop of Kundalini’s weave, Svadhisthana our Sacral Chakra.

This Chakra represents our instinctual knowing or gut feeling about something.  The Sacral Chakra also includes our cravings, pleasure and of course our sensuality and sexuality, these aspects allow us to feel confident in the skin we are in.

The element Water best describes Svadhisthana Chakra, creating fluidity and grace in our bodily movement.  We always tend to gravitate towards pleasure or things that make us feel good inside, this pleasure is essential for health by releasing hormones that stimulate the body and brain.  There is a famous quote by Gandhi “Be the change you want to see in this world”, if we break down this quote we can see that; when we desire pleasure, we move towards it, this movement creates change, and change is what this world needs.  When our Sacral Chakra is in balance, we are in harmony with our surroundings, feeling the love and passion of our world and the ebb and flow of life.

I also believe that particular crystals and minerals can help facilitate our movement towards positive change and or help heal the Sacral Chakra.  The stones that I would suggest are Carnelian, Jasper and Mahogany Obsidian.  Carnelian is my “go to” stone when I want to feel empowered to change something in my life, or just feel more pleasure in my daily routine.

You can learn much more in my workshops that I conduct regularly in different yoga studios, or from my home.


Live Harmoniously.



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