Exploring the Power of Crystals and Chakras

Citrine, the Sun Centre.

There is much to be obtained while carrying this Solar Plexus Chakra Stone.  This Particular Chakra is called Manipura and is related to the element Fire and deals with lighting up the body’s defences and employment of energies in all facets of our lives.

Let’s first describe the difference between manufactured Citrine and Natural Citrine.  This stone is of the quartz family and is formed naturally when amethyst is left in the Earth at great depths (pressure) and high temperatures.  Amethyst will turn into Citrine naturally, but humans are impatient, and Natural Citrine is difficult to mine as it is deeper within the earth and less abundant overall.  Although this manufactured method is accepted in the gem industry; we can place amethyst inside a kiln at a certain temperature and time, it will come out as Citrine.  Here are a couple of photos of the man-made Citrine and natural Citrine, notice the distinct orange colour.

Natural Citrine Sphere

Heat Treated Citrine

Many have asked me if the un-natural Citrine has the same properties as natural Citrine.  My instinct is yes it does, but like anything forced to become something ahead of its time, it does it unwillingly.  I always suggest when purchasing crystals always choose natural stones made by Mother Nature in her own time.

Citrine is the stone of abundance, raises our self-esteem and is a powerful alignment stone guiding us towards our Higher Self.  It is known to enhance the body’s defences by increasing your healing energy capabilities.  This stone gives us hope and warmth by lighting our Manipura Chakra or our “Sun Centre” of our bodies.

See my Citrine Crystal Podcast on my YouTube Channel at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iLTYQQj74KI

Learn more at: http://www.appealingenvironments.com/

Live Harmoniously.



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