Exploring the Power of Crystals and Chakras

Diamonds are Everyones best friend.


What list would not include this fabulous stone?  Although considered one of four precious stones and has a very high monetary value depending on its characteristics.  This precious stone offers the wearer a very unique capability –  “Connecting” with the Universe and all things within it.

We have called this “thing” above us by so many names, God, Spirit, Mohammed, Shiva, Divine, Energy, I choose to call it Universe.  Sometimes referred to as the Soul Star Chakra, this powerhouse of knowledge is what we all strive to “tap” into.  Whether we are on our spiritual journey or devoted within our religion, the connection with the divine being is our greatest achievement and brings us one step closer to enlightenment.

To achieve this connection really consists of deciphering the code that the Universe is communicating in.  Diamonds help us with the ability to decipher and interpret this code bringing us clarity in situations that seem out of our control or beyond our abilities. ” Tuning into” Diamonds can also open our Third Eye Chakra, invigorating the mind/body and spirit energies within each one of us.

Diamonds represent many physical characteristics too.  Love, devotion, innocence and purity symbolize Diamonds.  They are often referred to as the stone of prosperity and success.

Live Harmoniously

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