Exploring the Power of Crystals and Chakras

Fluorite: The Healers Healing Stone.


This beautiful Third Eye Chakra Stone activates our Communication skills with the Universe allowing us to communicate on an inter-dimensional level.

Fluorite Pendant $40.00

Fluorite is a powerful healing stone, and can facilitate the dialogue necessary to bring healing to others.  Energy and Light Workers can use this stone for guidance and direction in healing others allowing them to find the true cause of the dis-ease.

Fluorite also aids in the concentration of your mind and improves your meditation capabilities allowing us to obtain and decipher the Universal Information available to us.  When we achieve a connection with Fluorite we are able to grasp abstract thoughts and concepts and understand the messages being given to us.

Learn More at: http://www.appealingenvironments.com/

Live Harmoniously



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