Exploring the Power of Crystals and Chakras

Kyanite not Kryptonite


Kyanite activates our Third Eye and also the Throat Chakra.  Kyanite helps increase our ability for telepathy, intuition and insight to occur for a greater understanding of our place within the universe and how we are all connected together as one.

Kyanite Pendant

This reliable stone does not need to be cleared or cleaned.  Leaving other stones on or near Kyanite also clears/cleans them from any negative energies that may have attached or diminished their metaphysical abilities.  Although I smudge all of my stones including Kyanite as a precautionary measure, to ensure that they will serve my highest good when called upon.  Kyanite always seems to be “shining” for me, and is called upon often.

Kyanite will enhance our creativity and communication within the Throat Chakra and has a very long list of abilities for the Third Eye Chakra such as: providing us with our inner vision and enhances our psychic abilities that include lucid dreaming, astral and inter-dimensional travel.

Luckily Kyanite will not disable us like Kryptonite does….

See My Kyanite Crystal Podcast on my YouTube Channel at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vDNCN8mXYQU

Learn more at: http://www.appealingenvironments.com/

Live Harmoniously



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