Exploring the Power of Crystals and Chakras

The Green Swirls of Malachite


Malachite is a true Heart Chakra stone that also improves the strength of the heart muscle and circulatory system.  The Heart Chakra is often described as the fulcrum of the other Chakras, or the gateway from the physical to the spiritual.  Malachite is a true balancer stone for our bodies, helping us realize our subconscious physical blockages and bringing strength to our body and minds.

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Malachite can lift us out of a rut, and help us to stop the cycle of repeated patterns of difficulty.  Our difficulties sometimes occur from lack of sleep, affecting our physical bodies and our mental capabilities.  Malachite lets us achieve a balanced sleep cycle that includes deep and restorative frequencies to bring us inner strength to overcome karmic dangers and fears.

Body parts and organs that are nourished by Malachite are: pineal and pituitary glands that maintain homeostasis of the body, pancreas and spleen that aid in toxin removal and tissues regeneration can also occur.

Live Harmoniously

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