Exploring the Power of Crystals and Chakras

Nuummit – A Glimpse of Intuition


Nuummit, the oldest living mineral has a long list of beneficial properties to aid the carrier.  Activating all of your Chakras by grounding your lower and aligning your upper Chakras to integrate and work as one complete system.

Nuummite Pendant silver bail $40.00

Nuummit offers us glimpses of insight and intuition, similar to how the stone flashes from different angles.  This stone allows us to reduce our stress and anxiety levels and begin to heal on all levels physically and spiritually.  Blockages do not stand a chance with Nuummit, as this stone is charged with its own source of energy exhibited as an electromagnetic energy field.

The Electromagnetic Energy Field given off by Nuummit allow this stone to repel or shield us from the negative forms of energy.  Nuummit can also help with recalling past events and people including events and people from previous lifetimes, making this stone a strong memory enhancer.

Live Harmoniously

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