Exploring the Power of Crystals and Chakras

Petrified Wood – Not Scared Wood

Petrified Wood

Millions of years ago, this stone was not a stone, it belong to the organic matter of a tree.  Petrifaction or fossilization occurs only when the fallen tree is quickly buried where it is void of oxygen that would accelerate the decaying process.  Water filters through the tree leaving behind trace elements like silica that replaces the organic cellular structure with minerals like Chalcedony or Jasper.

Petrified Wood Pendant $50.00

Petrified Wood is an excellent stone to meditate with, your meditation can begin with the time that the tree existed, the flora and fauna that lived in that environment, the environmental conditions that this tree lived, and the cause of its burial (land slide, old age, flood etc.)

Petrified Wood brings patience to its carrier, helping us to realize our own actions that will ripple through time. Our own transformation will flower with fruition by strengthening our spine both physically and our will power to gain knowledge for our own success.

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Live Harmoniously.



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