Exploring the Power of Crystals and Chakras

Sodalite – Creating possibilities from your minds eye

Sodalite – The Third Eye Chakra Stone

When our physical body is aligned with our mental, emotional and spiritual aspects, we feel harmony within our entire “being”.  Sodalite is the stone that will aid us in our progress towards that inner harmony.

Sodalite Pendant silver bail $30.00

Our creativity can sometime begin with a vision or ourselves in the past, present or future.  With the activation of our Third Eye Chakra and the use of Sodalite, our creative expression will burst forward through our minds eye.  Clarity, truth and enhanced communication skills will also benefit from the use of Sodalite.

The health benefits are numerous for Sodalite like: balancing the endocrine system, strengthening our metabolism and lymphatic systems.  Sodalite can also balance our masculine and feminine energies, dispel fears and creates a calm and clear mind.

Learn more at my website at: http://appealingenvironments.com/index.html

Live Harmoniously



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