Exploring the Power of Crystals and Chakras

Zebra Jasper

Zebra Jasper

Zebra Jasper is sometimes called Net Jasper for the unique arrangement of lines across the stone.  This stone is not to be confused with a similar Marble stone called the Picasso Stone.  This stone activates and balances all of our chakras from root to crown.

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Zebra Jasper aids in removing the thoughts of failure, or our feelings of inadequacy.  This stone allows us to vision our goal and take actions towards achieving it.  The balancing of all of our chakras while using this stones helps with our transition from our materialistic way of life to the spiritual dimension of abundance.

Zebra Jasper aids our physical bodies with an abundance of stamina and endurance, improving bone disorders, osteoporosis, teeth and gums and has a positive effect for conditions of muscle spasms and heart palpitations.

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