Exploring the Power of Crystals and Chakras

Blue Lace Agate – The Goddess Stone

Blue Lace Agate activates the Throat Chakra, this chakra is known as the communication centre or ”Sound Centre”, sending and receiving vibrations concerned with extending our connectedness with those around us and with the universe.

Blue Lace Stones to become Pendants

Blue Lace Agate aids us in finding the right words to communicate clearly and concisely ones inner knowing, and listen to the words spoken so that a complete circle of information is obtained and given.

Blue Lace Agate will benefit us on the physical, mental and spiritual levels by; enhancing our intuition, promotes our peace of mind, soothes our anger, eases our tensions, and helps one connect with their Goddess energy.

Learn more at: http://appealingenvironments.com/index.html

Live Harmoniously



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