Exploring the Power of Crystals and Chakras

Cuprite – The stone of the Beautiful Sonora Sunset

Cuprite is a very powerful stone, enhancing our pranic breath (our life force) and accelerating our light body. When we see the Sonora Sunset, we can identify the Cuprite as Red, Chrysocolla as Green and Tenorite as Black. The healing properties of these two other stones apply.

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Cuprite activates the Root Chakra, connecting the entire body with the Earth’s Energy. Cuprite increases our vitality through this connecting with the Earth, giving our energy level a boost.

Cuprite can be called upon to attract love admirers and fertility when needed. Cuprite literally attracts and satiates our physical needs. Cuprite can relieve us from worry and anxiety, reminding us that some things are outside of our control.

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