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Galena and Avatar, what is the connection?


Do you remember the movie Avatar?  What mineral were they mining on Pandora? Was it Unobtanium or was it really Galena?  The movie instilled upon us the “connectedness of our beings”, that we can be open to receive and transfer information through this matrix of energy.  I am fascinated that they used Galena to represent this importance.  In the movie Avatar, Unobtanium cost over $10 million per pound, on Earth, the real cost of Galena is around $25 per pound.

Unobtanium on Pandora is really Galena

I have always been attracted to the cubic shape and silver colour of this mineral, maybe because it was used in crystal radio kits from decades ago and still available today.  The lead content of Galena is useful for us to feel connected with the earth and also to act as a transducer of Electromagnetic Frequencies (EMF). Use of Galena near your computer or electronic equipment can aid in reducing headaches and fatigue caused by these devices by blocking and transducing EMF.

This stone is mined extensively around the world for its Lead content.  Luckily for us, the lead is tied up within the sulphides of the stone, so that lead poisoning will not occur from simple handling this stone.  However this stone would be toxic if used as a crystal elixir using the direct method (the indirect method should always be used when making an elixir of a crystal you are not familiar with).

Galena chunks $5.00 each

I have always offered Galena to those individuals that are receiving radiation treatments.  It is known to reduce the harmful effects of excessive radiation; by absorbing the excess the body does not need.

Galena is used by mystics to receive the thoughts of others from their past, present and or future.  They were thought to utilize unseen waves from Uranus which aided in their metaphysical properties of the stone of communication.

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