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Hematite – To Fake or Not to Fake

I have always been drawn to the feeling Hematite brought, and with the weight of it in my pocket. I even found the artificially-magnetized hematite interesting as well (until I learned that it is NOT Hematite at all).  Hematite is made up of Iron Oxide. It is not the prettiest stone in its natural state.  New York City’s famous “Brownstone Fronts” were due to the Iron Oxide in the sandstone beds of the Connecticut Valley.  Polished Hematite takes on the look of a freshly buffed chrome bumper of an antique car.  This reflective quality is also part of the healing this stone brings; it aids us to reflect on ourselves.  We often spend time watching others, but how long do we spend watching ourselves?  Enter Hematite – the grounding and reflective stone.

Hematite comes from the Greek word for Red. Hematite was used to create red chalk for 1000’s of years which relates well to the red colour of our Root Chakra. The gravity of Hematite reminds us that we are all earth beings and connected through the Root Chakra with the Earth.  It is a wonderful stone to carry in your pocket, although your pants might fall down from the weight of this stone (it is quite heavy for its size).  Hematite was also used by Egyptians to protect tombs from tomb raiders. Hematite dust can be lethal if breathed in, so they covered the sarcophagus with hematite dust to stop thieves.

What is the difference of Magnetic and Non Magnetic Hematite?  The difference is that Hematite is not naturally found magnetized (actually, only a very small magnetic charge can be found within natural hematite) and only becomes this way through a mechanical process. The procedure includes heating and cooling the hematite while it is attached to very strong magnet.  Most often the Magnetized Hematite does not even include Hematite, but uses synthetic ceramic barium-strontium ferrite magnet and is polished to a silvery gleam.  Most manufacturers keep their formulas a trade secret.  Artificially or fake magnetized Hematite may not serve our highest good or expectation, but may offer a relief to the wearer.  Let me try to explain the health benefits of wearing a magnetic bracelet:

Short Term Healing Properties of wearing Magnetic Jewelry

I have a very simple explanation.  It is known that we have many heavy metals within our bodies circulating through our blood stream.  These heavy metals entered our bodies through either absorption of solvents (gasoline/varsol), inhalation from Factory Air Emissions known as Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s), or by ingestion of foods.  Many species are not able to release these heavy metals (known as Bio-Accumulation). The compounded ingestion of Bio-Accumulated species is known as Bio-Magnification.


It is my belief that wearing a magnetized bracelet will make you feel better “temporarily”, as the heavy metals are attracted to the magnetic bracelet and concentrate in your wrist, thus no longer flowing throughout your bloodstream.  The removal of the bracelet allows the heavy metals to circulate again, and we will feel the ill effects of this toxic loading.  There are alternative measure for ridding the body of heavy metals, and one should research approved methods of Chelating Therapies.

Now Back to the Real Hematite:

The real connection of the Root Chakra with the Earth occurs through the Sciatic Nerve (the longest and largest nerve in our bodies) that runs from the heel of your foot to the base of your spine where our Root Chakra is located.  Individuals suffering from sciatica experience disconnect with the Earth and the onset of dis-eases occurs that are associated with being out of balance with the Earth’s Frequency.  Hematite offers us a reconnection through our sciatic nerve and a rebalance with the Earth Energies.

Hematite is often referred to as a bloodstream purifier. When you polish or drill into this stone, it appears to bleed due to the high concentration of Iron Ore.  This stone energizes the entire body by improving circulation and the flow of oxygen to all cells.  Hematite is also a protective stone and enhances optimism, courage and willpower.


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Live Harmoniously




9 responses

  1. If you are looking for hematite in almost any form, and you happen to be in New York City, you should check out ROCK STAR CRYSTALS, a rock shop and metaphysical store in Manhattan. Call them at 212 675 3065 or go to http://www.rockstarcrystalsmanhattan.com They have a hugh selection of hematite – including natural crystals from Brazil ,quartz clusters with hematite crystals from China, tumbled stones, hematite jewelry (rings, bracelets, and necklaces), hematite spheres, magnetic hematite, and polished quartz with hematite inclusions. They also have hematite massage wands, hematite slices, and hematite hearts. And while you are there, you can check out over 140 other crystals and minerals. Better than buying on the internet, you can actually touch and feel the energy of each crystal BEFORE you make your selection.

    June 15, 2013 at 17:57

  2. Barb

    Where may I find magnetic hematite earrings in Edmonton Canada?
    Thank you

    October 18, 2013 at 09:16

  3. Katie

    So, my fiance bought us hematite rings today at the corner store for a dollar. I thought they were cool so I put it on and wore it for several hours before doing any research. Then I read that pregnant women shouldn’t wear anything magnetic, but I’m so confused as to whether or not this thing is magnetic, and if it is, then is it even a hematite at all? I took it off, as I am pregnant and don’t want to take any chances, but I’m bummed out because after reading all the benefits a hematite has to offer, I could really use it. Should I be worried, or can I put it back on? I even had the ring on my left hand before I read that that was where it is most beneficial…..

    January 16, 2014 at 01:28

  4. Dan

    Why risk it? Blessings to you and the baby :o)

    November 22, 2014 at 21:13

  5. Christin

    Hematite actually comes from the Greek word for blood: “hema”. Red is “kokino”.

    March 2, 2015 at 11:20

  6. Maggi

    Real Hematite is not magnetic. The fake stuff is. Just hold a kitchen magnet up to it and if it sticks then there’s your answer.

    August 10, 2016 at 09:12

  7. rocky

    Pure hematite is not magnetic but some hematite can have magnetite too

    December 19, 2016 at 00:37

  8. kingjason

    yeah thats right,pure hematite is not magnetic! to many fake hematite that claim have a magnet.

    January 22, 2017 at 14:47

  9. Great and informative article!!! Thanks so much!

    September 5, 2017 at 10:17

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