Exploring the Power of Crystals and Chakras


Hematite – To Fake or Not to Fake

I have always been drawn to the feeling Hematite brought, and with the weight of it in my pocket. I even found the artificially-magnetized hematite interesting as well (until I learned that it is NOT Hematite at all).  Hematite is made up of Iron Oxide. It is not the prettiest stone in its natural state.  New York City’s famous “Brownstone Fronts” were due to the Iron Oxide in the sandstone beds of the Connecticut Valley.  Polished Hematite takes on the look of a freshly buffed chrome bumper of an antique car.  This reflective quality is also part of the healing this stone brings; it aids us to reflect on ourselves.  We often spend time watching others, but how long do we spend watching ourselves?  Enter Hematite – the grounding and reflective stone.

Hematite comes from the Greek word for Red. Hematite was used to create red chalk for 1000’s of years which relates well to the red colour of our Root Chakra. The gravity of Hematite reminds us that we are all earth beings and connected through the Root Chakra with the Earth.  It is a wonderful stone to carry in your pocket, although your pants might fall down from the weight of this stone (it is quite heavy for its size).  Hematite was also used by Egyptians to protect tombs from tomb raiders. Hematite dust can be lethal if breathed in, so they covered the sarcophagus with hematite dust to stop thieves.

What is the difference of Magnetic and Non Magnetic Hematite?  The difference is that Hematite is not naturally found magnetized (actually, only a very small magnetic charge can be found within natural hematite) and only becomes this way through a mechanical process. The procedure includes heating and cooling the hematite while it is attached to very strong magnet.  Most often the Magnetized Hematite does not even include Hematite, but uses synthetic ceramic barium-strontium ferrite magnet and is polished to a silvery gleam.  Most manufacturers keep their formulas a trade secret.  Artificially or fake magnetized Hematite may not serve our highest good or expectation, but may offer a relief to the wearer.  Let me try to explain the health benefits of wearing a magnetic bracelet:

Short Term Healing Properties of wearing Magnetic Jewelry

I have a very simple explanation.  It is known that we have many heavy metals within our bodies circulating through our blood stream.  These heavy metals entered our bodies through either absorption of solvents (gasoline/varsol), inhalation from Factory Air Emissions known as Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s), or by ingestion of foods.  Many species are not able to release these heavy metals (known as Bio-Accumulation). The compounded ingestion of Bio-Accumulated species is known as Bio-Magnification.


It is my belief that wearing a magnetized bracelet will make you feel better “temporarily”, as the heavy metals are attracted to the magnetic bracelet and concentrate in your wrist, thus no longer flowing throughout your bloodstream.  The removal of the bracelet allows the heavy metals to circulate again, and we will feel the ill effects of this toxic loading.  There are alternative measure for ridding the body of heavy metals, and one should research approved methods of Chelating Therapies.

Now Back to the Real Hematite:

The real connection of the Root Chakra with the Earth occurs through the Sciatic Nerve (the longest and largest nerve in our bodies) that runs from the heel of your foot to the base of your spine where our Root Chakra is located.  Individuals suffering from sciatica experience disconnect with the Earth and the onset of dis-eases occurs that are associated with being out of balance with the Earth’s Frequency.  Hematite offers us a reconnection through our sciatic nerve and a rebalance with the Earth Energies.

Hematite is often referred to as a bloodstream purifier. When you polish or drill into this stone, it appears to bleed due to the high concentration of Iron Ore.  This stone energizes the entire body by improving circulation and the flow of oxygen to all cells.  Hematite is also a protective stone and enhances optimism, courage and willpower.


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Galena and Avatar, what is the connection?


Do you remember the movie Avatar?  What mineral were they mining on Pandora? Was it Unobtanium or was it really Galena?  The movie instilled upon us the “connectedness of our beings”, that we can be open to receive and transfer information through this matrix of energy.  I am fascinated that they used Galena to represent this importance.  In the movie Avatar, Unobtanium cost over $10 million per pound, on Earth, the real cost of Galena is around $25 per pound.

Unobtanium on Pandora is really Galena

I have always been attracted to the cubic shape and silver colour of this mineral, maybe because it was used in crystal radio kits from decades ago and still available today.  The lead content of Galena is useful for us to feel connected with the earth and also to act as a transducer of Electromagnetic Frequencies (EMF). Use of Galena near your computer or electronic equipment can aid in reducing headaches and fatigue caused by these devices by blocking and transducing EMF.

This stone is mined extensively around the world for its Lead content.  Luckily for us, the lead is tied up within the sulphides of the stone, so that lead poisoning will not occur from simple handling this stone.  However this stone would be toxic if used as a crystal elixir using the direct method (the indirect method should always be used when making an elixir of a crystal you are not familiar with).

Galena chunks $5.00 each

I have always offered Galena to those individuals that are receiving radiation treatments.  It is known to reduce the harmful effects of excessive radiation; by absorbing the excess the body does not need.

Galena is used by mystics to receive the thoughts of others from their past, present and or future.  They were thought to utilize unseen waves from Uranus which aided in their metaphysical properties of the stone of communication.

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Atlantisite – The Knowledge Stone of Atlantis.

Atlantisite is a mixture of Serpentine and Stichtite creating two wonderful energies to raise our creative energies, our Kundalini!  Atlantisite is very useful in accessing a deeper meditation and in retrieving wisdom from our past lives and ancient ancestors.

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Atlantisite brings balance to our Heart Chakra and a loving vibration to our heart and lungs.  The healing powers of Atlantisite can benefit the stomach and kidneys.  Atlantisite also aids our skin by regenerating and improving the elasticity of it.

Atlantisite brings us a feeling of security, soothing our anxiety and bringing a sense of calm to our home or safe place.  Atlantisite aids in resolving conflicts by promoting an inner peace and gentleness within us, while protecting us from negative energies.

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Cuprite – The stone of the Beautiful Sonora Sunset

Cuprite is a very powerful stone, enhancing our pranic breath (our life force) and accelerating our light body. When we see the Sonora Sunset, we can identify the Cuprite as Red, Chrysocolla as Green and Tenorite as Black. The healing properties of these two other stones apply.

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Cuprite activates the Root Chakra, connecting the entire body with the Earth’s Energy. Cuprite increases our vitality through this connecting with the Earth, giving our energy level a boost.

Cuprite can be called upon to attract love admirers and fertility when needed. Cuprite literally attracts and satiates our physical needs. Cuprite can relieve us from worry and anxiety, reminding us that some things are outside of our control.

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The rare Shattuckite is said to directly affect our human genetic code, increasing our cell division and re-growth/regeneration of healthy cells within our body.  Shattuckite activates our Throat and Third Eye Chakras giving us the ability to articulate our interpretation of the “Mind’s Eye”.

Shattuckite Pendant

Shattuckite will enable us to channel information more clearly and concisely from the spirit world, bringing the verbalization of spirit and energies from multiple dimensions.

Shattuckite is a stone of communication, increases our psychic abilities, and brings transformation to the carrier.  Shattuckite will open doors on different dimensions that previously appeared locked to us.

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Shiva Lingam or is it a Dinosaur Egg

The Shiva Lingam stones are found along the Narmada River in Central India.  Shiva Lingams are said to raise your Kundalini Energy (our creative energies) and aid in our spiritual connection with the universe.

Shiva Lingam Family!!!

Shiva Lingams are sacred and have been used in ceremony for thousands of years.  Shiva Lingams are seen as a symbol of sexuality, and often combined with a Yoni (a platform to hold the Lingam) that represents feminine energies.  Shiva Lingams are excellent for use in sexual healing by balancing our own levels of masculine and feminine energy, and are also known as the fertility stone.

Shiva Lingams can aid in severing the connection with our past or ended relationships.  Shiva Lingams are often thought to connect with the Earth Energy through our Root Chakra (red end) and open our spirit to the universe by opening our Crown Chakra (white end).

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Nephrite Jade = Beauty and Bliss

Nephrite Jade is a Heart Chakra strengthening stone, radiating unconditional divine love to the carrier.  Nephrite Jade is a powerful ally to restore balance in our love sector, and aids in our social happiness.

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Nephrite Jade can also bring balance to our emotions and sharpens our clarity, to enable us to overcome or simply steer clear of conflicts.  Nephrite Jade is a powerful emotional balancer, also aids in courage, justice and brings wisdom when called upon.

Nephrite Jade Pendant $40.00

Nephrite Jade helps cleanse the blood, boosts kidney function and our immune system, increasing our longevity and our fertility.  Nephrite Jade brings a sense of peacefulness and nourishment and dispels any feelings of negativity.

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