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Tour of the Tourmalinated Quartz

Tourmalinated Quartz

Tourmalinated Quartz is a very powerful healer and protector crystal, balances the male/female polarities and aids in eliminating many set patterns that are destructive in nature and in one’s own life.

Tourmalinated Quartz Pendant $110.00

Tourmalinated Quartz aligns all of our Chakras by connecting us with the Earth and the Soul Star Chakra above our heads, this connection gives us the ability to connect with Spirit or God.

Tumbled Tourmalinated Quartz $5.00 each

Tourmalinated Quartz is the perfect crystal for adjusting imbalances throughout the body and creating Harmony for you within your environment.

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Live Harmoniously

Charles Brand


Nuummit – A Glimpse of Intuition


Nuummit, the oldest living mineral has a long list of beneficial properties to aid the carrier.  Activating all of your Chakras by grounding your lower and aligning your upper Chakras to integrate and work as one complete system.

Nuummite Pendant silver bail $40.00

Nuummit offers us glimpses of insight and intuition, similar to how the stone flashes from different angles.  This stone allows us to reduce our stress and anxiety levels and begin to heal on all levels physically and spiritually.  Blockages do not stand a chance with Nuummit, as this stone is charged with its own source of energy exhibited as an electromagnetic energy field.

The Electromagnetic Energy Field given off by Nuummit allow this stone to repel or shield us from the negative forms of energy.  Nuummit can also help with recalling past events and people including events and people from previous lifetimes, making this stone a strong memory enhancer.

Live Harmoniously

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Why I Breathe the way I do, Thank You India

Can you remember your first Yoga Practice, I can like it was yesterday.  Although my first yoga class was experienced in local community centres in Ontario Canada; they don’t count, not to discredit them, it just wasn’t the Yoga I was looking for.  I found it years later and half way around the world.

Rewind over a decade, and find yourself in Varanasi India, I was travelling there for some time after college.  To explain India would be a book in itself, but with this short story and others to come, you will gain insight and understanding of they way we breathe in North America that may be differently than others in the world.

Travelling throughout India was exhilarating and exciting, but it also poses you with some challenges, not knowing that a little perseverance will help you prevail in any situation could be detrimental in your enjoyment of the entire experience.  The English did one very good thing for India, the wonderful snake of silver tracks that criss cross the country make travelling relatively easy and inexpensive.  The trains in India are in no comparison to Via or Amtrak, the only thing they have in common is their schedule. But the Indian Railways with a train to every corner of the country, makes your travel experience complete while in India.

While travelling, I thought I would stop in Varanasi, a city of around 1.3 million back in 1999.  It doesn’t sound like a lot of people, but when you factor in the population density, this city situated along the Ganges River is always buzzing.  Typically Varanasi is a place you go in your elder years, let say in preparation to leave the physical world.  Varanasi may be the the oldest continuously habited city in the world, considered holy in Buddhist, and Jain and the holiest place on Earth in Hinduism.  Sounds like a great place to stop for a day or two for a weary traveler.  Arriving was no problem, just stepped off the train (probably into a large pile of cow dung).  Getting back on the train was a whole other issue.  Apparently there were no trains leaving for 1 week, although this may or may not have been the case, I decided to make the best of my time.

Regular gathering along the Ganges. Beautiful

After you have seen your share of temples, walked the gardens of the university, and watched the human ashes being placed into the Ganges only to swirl past you in their return to cycle of life and energy.  The next best thing when you have time to spare, is Yoga.  Finding a place to do yoga is quite easy, you just have to ask.  So I was set, dressed appropriately and ready for the asanas.  Little did I know that there would only be one position that would be expected from me. Pradmasana or Lotus for some, more like regular, knee high, cross legged for me.   Yoga in India is done at the local temple, (there is one on every corner) so you don’t have to travel far.  I entered and bowed offering my hands in prayer.  I was asked to sit across from another gentleman that was about to begin my first real yoga lesson.

Now, I should explain that the temples in India are all made from marble, the floor especially.  I sat cross legged across from my new friend on a cold marble floor, at first the marble was soothing, as the temperature outside was in the mid 30’s so the marble was cooling my body nicely from the days heat.  Then we started chanting OM, we chanted some more OM, and then some more.  I was corrected numerous times to straighten my spine and sit properly over the course of two hours while keeping my eyes closed and chanting OM.  Yes, two hours of sitting cross legged chanting OM on a cold marble floor.  I just couldn’t wait for the yoga to begin, and if you know India, all good things come in there own time.  Sadly after the chanting was over, I was asked to leave and come back tomorrow.  I was completely confused now, when were we going to do yoga?

I returned again, my bum still sore from the unforgiving marble of yesterday, figuring I had passed the test, and was now allowed to practice yoga.  I was asked to sit, cross my legs, and begin chanting OM again.  Two hours passed again (very slowly), I didn’t want to interrupt during that time for fear for being singled out.  But, I really wanted to know when the real yoga was to begin.  Before leaving the temple that second day, I asked my new friend “What type of yoga am I learning?” I explained that I was expecting something else.  My friend explained to me that until I learn to breathe, it would not matter what I do with my life.  The way it was said, might have been a little more blunt, and poignant.  I was saddened, “I thought we all were born with the innate ability to breathe” I said to him.  “Ahh Yes”, was the answer, “except you breathe like a North American”.  Now I was beginning to get frustrated, feeling left in the dark and scratching for a smart thing to say.  I think it came out like this “Why I am here then”, now I would like to say that it had “not a pinch of sarcasm” in it, but that might not be entirely true, it did.


At that very moment, I was to have my greatest epiphany.  Here it comes, it was explained and ingrained within me, that your breath is your prana or “your life force” and when you breathe, and pay attention to the moment of each inhale and the moment of each exhale – this is Yoga.  Smiling now,   I understood why I was there, to learn to breathe for the first time.

A few more days of chanting, and trust me when I say this, the marble floor did feel like it softened just a bit, or maybe that was just my ego letting go.  In the years that followed, my yoga practice has come and gone through many studios, but my breath remains my only constant.  I would like to call it my Indian Breath, for I breathe differently now, honouring each ebb and flow, rise and fall for an eternity of bliss and calmness.

Varanasi - enjoying your breath

When I teach my own classes “Exploring the Chakras with Crystals” I gather this experience that I have gained, sharing with one another so that we can all grow closer together as one.  If I could leave you with one small thing, something I truly believe in….. the best moments in life are the few micro seconds between each breath.  Your breath is a cycle of “in and out”, just try to pay attention to that small place before the “in” and after the “out”.  You will soon realize how abundant that small place is.  For within that space holds the greatest of possibilities and endless amount of creation.

Live Harmoniously


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Why are we drawn to Crystals, can they help?

Crystals have been used for 1000’s of years by Shamans and Ancient Healers to heal their bodies and protect their environments.  Found around the globe, in every religion and spirituality, Crystals have fueled our minds and bodies for generations.

Have you ever wondered why you were drawn to a particular Stone or Crystal?  For me, it has always been Amethyst.  Not just because of it being my birthstone (February), but for the spiritual protection that this stone offers.  The connection with our higher purpose and direction.  Well at least this is what amethyst offers me.

What crystals catch your eye? hopefully not just diamonds, although they are very powerful stones too.  Maybe it is Rose Quartz (as it is Valentine’s Day), Citrine or Aventurine.  The quartz family of crystals offer us a huge variety of energies and each with their own beauty.  As an avid rock collector and jewelry maker, I am always asked which one is my favourite.  All of them, I answer.  Mother Nature has taken the time to create such beautiful specimens for us to wear and enjoy that  no one could single out just one stone to focus all of their love on.  Each day I pick from a large bowl of crystals, a stone or two to carry in my pocket.  These little additions help balance my day and ward off anything that may cause in imbalance in my daily routine.

My Belief is that quartz is fossilized water.  The large amethyst geodes that come from Brazil and other countries are actually an egg shell of Agate Stone (which is porous) that allows water to enter the hollow area of the stone (Geode) the water brings elements from the periodic table that allow the quartz crystal to grow into one of many different types, in this case Amethyst.  Look at this photo, and you will be able to see the agate shell I am talking about.

Amethyst Geode with Agate shell shown in Green

Amethyst offers us so much.  Aiding our meditation, strengthening our immune system and brain activity, healing, our bodies, love, inspiration and intuition, lastly amethyst can help rid our bodies of addictions (what ever addiction you may have).  Remember that we are all addicts in one way or another, maybe you are addicted to love, or maybe like me, addicted to Crystals especially amethyst.

But there are so many other stones that can offer healing and balancing of your Chakras.  For those people that spend loads of time in front of their computers, (like me) may I suggest a stone that can help absorb the EMF (Electro Magnetic Frequencies) that are emitted.  Galena, and Iron Pyrite are two in particular, and of course there are others.  These two work for me and are stationed near my desk.  My next blog will be exclusively on EMF and Crystals. (Stay Tuned)

Live Harmoniously,


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