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Why are we drawn to Crystals, can they help?

Crystals have been used for 1000’s of years by Shamans and Ancient Healers to heal their bodies and protect their environments.  Found around the globe, in every religion and spirituality, Crystals have fueled our minds and bodies for generations.

Have you ever wondered why you were drawn to a particular Stone or Crystal?  For me, it has always been Amethyst.  Not just because of it being my birthstone (February), but for the spiritual protection that this stone offers.  The connection with our higher purpose and direction.  Well at least this is what amethyst offers me.

What crystals catch your eye? hopefully not just diamonds, although they are very powerful stones too.  Maybe it is Rose Quartz (as it is Valentine’s Day), Citrine or Aventurine.  The quartz family of crystals offer us a huge variety of energies and each with their own beauty.  As an avid rock collector and jewelry maker, I am always asked which one is my favourite.  All of them, I answer.  Mother Nature has taken the time to create such beautiful specimens for us to wear and enjoy that  no one could single out just one stone to focus all of their love on.  Each day I pick from a large bowl of crystals, a stone or two to carry in my pocket.  These little additions help balance my day and ward off anything that may cause in imbalance in my daily routine.

My Belief is that quartz is fossilized water.  The large amethyst geodes that come from Brazil and other countries are actually an egg shell of Agate Stone (which is porous) that allows water to enter the hollow area of the stone (Geode) the water brings elements from the periodic table that allow the quartz crystal to grow into one of many different types, in this case Amethyst.  Look at this photo, and you will be able to see the agate shell I am talking about.

Amethyst Geode with Agate shell shown in Green

Amethyst offers us so much.  Aiding our meditation, strengthening our immune system and brain activity, healing, our bodies, love, inspiration and intuition, lastly amethyst can help rid our bodies of addictions (what ever addiction you may have).  Remember that we are all addicts in one way or another, maybe you are addicted to love, or maybe like me, addicted to Crystals especially amethyst.

But there are so many other stones that can offer healing and balancing of your Chakras.  For those people that spend loads of time in front of their computers, (like me) may I suggest a stone that can help absorb the EMF (Electro Magnetic Frequencies) that are emitted.  Galena, and Iron Pyrite are two in particular, and of course there are others.  These two work for me and are stationed near my desk.  My next blog will be exclusively on EMF and Crystals. (Stay Tuned)

Live Harmoniously,


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The Big Shift

Is time speeding up? are we changing?  Sure it is, and sure we are.

I am positive you are all feeling it, the world is changing, we are gaining knowledge and taking charge of our lives instead of being “Followers”, we are becoming the “Leaders” through the journey called life.  BUT, there are those that are having difficulty with this shift, we can’t force them to listen or learn, sometimes we can only be the listener as they slowly “give in”.  Their resistance is being noticed in so many different ways, let me explain.

5 months ago, my wife was to provide healing to a new customer, she was stuck behind an accident and took over 2 hours to get home and had to reschedule the healing session for another night.  Again another accident prevented her from getting home as the driving habits seem to reflect mostly on those that are resistant to this Energy Shift.

Friends told me about me about their experiences this past week.  Erratic drivers, accidents, and near misses were all discussed, this is the reason for this post.  Now, you might say it was the full moon that is to blame, maybe you are right.  Or maybe some of us are not giving in to the shift as easily as others and it is showing up in our driving habits.  Let us all slow down or at least compensate for the shift that we are all experiencing.

You also may find people trying to judge, or pick apart your own character, rest assured it has nothing to do with you.  Don’t react, just send them the compassion that we spoke about in our last class, accept them for the beautiful people that they are and always send them the love we have to offer.  They will catch up in time, and will re-enter our lives when their spiritual paths open up for them.  Don’t think of it as losing friends, but as gaining new friends. Embrace this shift as we enter the age of Aquarius.  It is a beautiful time to be alive.

Lots of love this glorious weekend, enjoy all that Mother Nature has to provide.  Now get out there and Hug A Tree!!!

Live Harmoniously