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Crazy Lace Agate – Not So Crazy, Just Beautiful

Crazy Lace Agate

Crazy Lace Agate has a beautiful lace appearance found on the polished stone, the beauty that we see in this design can bring a soothing and smoothing of our own skin and heal skin disorders as well.

Crazy Lace Agate invokes laughter and a strong sense of humour by treating the heart with a deep grounding connection with the Earth.  Crazy Lace Agate allows this connection with the Earth to occur at a cellular level; improving our liquid crystal bodies into a state of ease and enjoyment.

Crazy Lace Agate brings us strength and courage when we are experiencing difficulties or hard life choices.  Crazy Lace Agate allows us to discern truths and accept our circumstances, promotes marital fidelity, and awakens our inherent talents.

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Jet – Part Bitumen, all Jet Power


For years jet has been used for its magical properties.  Jet is a Root Chakra stone, a type of bitumen (coal) used in funerals and the mourning.

Tumbled Jet Stone

The smoke from Jet wards off evil spirits and is said to reduce fevers, infections, hysteria, hallucinations, epilepsy, and stomach troubles.

Although I do not recommend burning Jet, as the smell is unpleasant, but if you have the need to remove unwanted or negative energies, fears or thoughts from your environment, then this is the stone that may offer you some reprieve from them.

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Jet has some positive effects other than warding off the negatives aspects.  Jet can protect you from illness and violence and creates a sense of calm over the carrier.

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Hematite – The Other Blood Stone


Hematite is a wonderful stone to carry in your pocket; although your pants might fall down from the weight of this stone (it is quite heavy for its size).  The gravity of Hematite reminds us that we are all earth beings and connected through the Root Chakra with the Earth.

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What is the difference of Magnetic and Non Magnetic Hematite?  The difference is; Hematite is not naturally found magnetized and only becomes this way through a mechanical process.  This is performed on Hematite due to its high Iron content, and ability to hold its magnetism.  Artificially magnetized Hematite may not serve our highest good or expectation that the natural stone may have to offer due to this mechanical handling procedure.

The real connection of the Root Chakra with the Earth occurs through the Sciatic Nerve (the longest and largest nerve in our bodies) that runs from the heel of your foot to the base of your spine where our Root Chakra is located.  Individuals suffering from sciatica experience disconnect with the Earth and the onset of dis-eases associated with being out of balance.  Hematite offers us a reconnection through our sciatic nerve and a rebalance with the Earth Energies.

Hematite is often referred to as a bloodstream purifier, funny enough when you drill into this stone; it appears to bleed due to the high concentration of Iron Ore.  This stone energizes the entire body by improving circulation and the flow of oxygen to all cells.  Hematite is a protective stone and enhances optimism, courage and willpower.

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Brecciated Jasper

A Root Chakra Stone as with many red stones.  Brecciated Jasper gives the owner renewed health and rebirth with its subtle energy of connectedness.


Brecciated Jasper $30.00

This unique stone visually looks like it is made from many pieces put together, and in essence that is what it represents.  Our greatest knowledge is obtained when we realize that we are all one, all parts are connected.  The element of earth, fire, water, air mixed with you and I belong together and deserve the harmony that Brecciated Jasper shows us what we are capable of.  It reminds us of the glue that holds existence in place.  This realization will make the carrier of this stone stronger from this connection with all things in our physical or tangible world.

Brecciated Jasper invokes new ideas and strategies and promotes the use of our strengths and wisdom.  This stone steers us from danger and negativity, allowing us to jump or skip over the pitfalls that capture those that venture into new lands or areas of unfamiliarity.

Stay focused and steadfast on your chosen path with this stone in your pocket or used as a talisman while on your journey.  You will enjoy the journey; trusting that your feet and being will be connected to all parts of your quest.

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Agate – The Foundation Stone

This incredible Root Chakra Stone is often overlooked and some consider them not very powerful.  I would like to clear the air, and renew our interest in this beautiful and interesting stone.

Agate Pendant

Agates are usually a slower vibration and lower in intensity helping us stay tethered to Mother Earth.  Agate is a wonderful grounding stone allowing us to work at a higher frequency without losing touch with the earth.  They are great for airplane travel when we are disconnected from the Earth’s frequency, and strengthening the body, mind and inner courage through regular proximity to our bodies or chakra gridding.

Agate Geode with Amethyst on the inside

If you are in need of an Aura cleansing, this stone can help wash your aura and reenergize your auric field.  This can be done by carrying it with you, using it in your meditation or creating an alter within your sacred space.  I mentioned Chakra Gridding earlier, this practice is done by an Energy Worker with knowledge of the Chakra Stones and intuitively selects crystals to open and bring balance to our blocked our out-of-balance chakras.  I utilize crystals to assist in chakra balancing as part of my Reiki Practice and Crystal Service to individuals.

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Agates are the building blocks for other crystals to form like quartz, amethyst and citrine.  Known as intrusive igneous rocks, which mean they are formed within the magma, inside of a volcano and slowly cool creating crystals over a long period of time and often large in size.  The Amethyst Geodes found in many countries around the world are typically an Agate Shell that allows water to enter the hollowness of the geode leaving mineral deposits to begin the crystal formations that occur for millions of years.  Without agate we would not have these beautiful geodes, instead they would be hollow and void of crystals.

Many agates are dyed because of their porous characterization.  Not only do they take on the colouring extremely well, they also will emit the frequency of that particular colour, some say this cheapens the stones quality.  This is just a belief system, if you feel that the stone is less valuable in the metaphysical sense because of the dying then likely this stone will not benefit you, if you feel attracted to this stone, then you will gain its warming grounding connection and the powerful healing that Agates provide.

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Muladhara Chakra and its Crystals

Lets start at the base of your spine in a place that is called the Muladhara Chakra.

This Chakra represents our very existence on earth, the things or tangible items that form who we are.  They include the food that we eat, the shelter we live in, but also includes our own survival skills, courage and will power.  These items create what many of us call our foundation of who we are.

We use the term “I am feeling grounded” or “I feel connected” often enough, but have we ever thought about why or how it happens.   Throughout the entire length of your spine, nerve endings from all reaches of our body, attach, and send information up the spinal column to our brains.  At the base of our spine a particular nerve called the Sciatic Nerve attaches sending signals to our brains, these signals help identify our connectedness or grounded to Mother Earth.  The Sciatic Nerve is the longest and also the largest diameter nerve within the human body, originating at the heal of our feet running up our legs, through our hip bones and into the Spinal Column at Muladhara the Root Chakra.  This magnificent nerve is that which allows us to feel connected and grounded.  When we are experiencing sciatica, we are experiencing a disconnect and are no longer as grounded as we could be.  With each foot step, we connect to the energy of Mother Earth, and send her vibration through ourselves.

For those of us experiencing sciatica or a loss of connection with this Earth Element, Help is on its way, you will feel more connected.  First you can try some simple yoga poses that you can do in the comfort of your home can help alleviate sciatica, try the trusted Pigeon Pose.  I also believe that particular crystals can also help connect us with Mother Earth.  The stones that I would suggest are Garnet, Hematite, Jet, Obsidian and Agate.  Hematite is my “go to” stone when I want to resonate with Mother Earth again, it is very heavy compared to others similarly sized, and also can aid in detoxifying the blood, this heaviness reminds me of earths gravity and her constant and gentle pull towards her.

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