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Green Tourmaline releases us from Shyness.

I love the colour Green, I always have.  Must be the early childhood fascination with green frogs, I spent hours watching them catch flying insects.  I had so much patience when it came to waiting for nature to show it self.  Most people that know or knew me wouldn’t believe that I could sit that still.

The Green Colour of Green Tourmaline is simply amazing.  I just love how it appears to glow like fiber optics.  I imagine it to be a direct uplink from our heart to the universe.  This stone brings me the feeling of patience, stillness and nature.

Green Tourmaline

Green Tourmaline

Green Tourmaline opens our heart chakra and transfers negative energy into positive energy.  This transfer brings with it a flood of vital life force energy.  Your entire body is bathed in the colour green, your heart expands and encompasses your entire energy field with the abundance of love and self worth.

Green Tourmaline brings out our creative desires, allowing the flow of our creative juices to start new passions whether artistically or a loving new relationship that we have been shy about.  Green Tourmaline can also aid in physical ailments and treatment of the heart, thymus gland, and our immune system.

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Moss Agate – Very Mossy indeed…

Moss Agate

Moss Agate activates two chakras, our Heart and Root Chakras.  The “Mossy-ness” of Moss Agate is Hornblende inclusions mixed within the agate to give the appearance of “Moss”.

Moss Agate Palm Stone $4.00 each

Moss Agate Pendant $30.00

Moss Agate directs our energy into achieving our goals, boosting our spirits and healing our wounds allowing us to forge forward and strive for the best we can be.  Moss Agate keeps our spiritual energies grounded, healing the fabric of our past lives.

Moss Agate will increase prosperity and nurture our communication with Mother Earth and her loving Nature Spirits.

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