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Green Aventurine – The Heart Chakra Stone – Anahata

Aventurine (Green) – The Heart Chakra Stone

Green Aventurine is associated with the Heart Chakra balancing input with output, activating our heart centres by refreshing and nurturing every part of our body lovingly.

Aventurine can be carried while travelling to aid in a safe and adventurous journey, a journey from the heart.  By purifying our mental and emotional bodies, this stone allows us to journey without anxiety or fear.  Aventurine gives strength to our muscle tissue by powering the heart to move blood throughout our circulatory system; this movement allows for emotional tranquility and creates a positive attitude towards life.

Aventurine Palm Stone $4.00 each

By aligning our heart centre (Heart Chakra) we gain the ability to bring health and well being to our bodies by balancing our masculine and feminine energies.  Aventurine guides our spirit to connect with the healing energy within us, regenerating our heart to give us the ability to heal our mental, physical and spiritual bodies.

Aventurine can also stimulate our body’s metabolism, reducing fat and lowering our cholesterol levels.  Aventurine contributes in the prevention of arteriosclerosis and heart attacks and also an anti-inflammatory effect that can reduce pain caused by inflammations.

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Anahata Chakra and its Crystals

The rising Kundalini has now arrived at Anahata Chakra, our heart chakra.   Anahata is at the fulcrum of our bodies, the midpoint between matter and spirit, our physical body chakras are below and our spiritual chakras are above, this is our spiritual centre or gateway.

This Chakra represents our love centre where our breath and balance are forged.  It creates unity within us and keeps our relationships on an even keel.  When you want to help or heal others, we focus on our own heart, the heart of “giving love freely” without expectations or stings attached, this is the love of Anahata Chakra.  This Chakra is closely linked with the Thymus Gland that maintains our body’s defenses during injury or illness, the balance centre or fulcrum of our physical bodies.

The element Air is closely related to the heart chakra.  I am sure you have heard someone say “I feel like I am walking on air” this usually occurs when we are feeling full of love.  Air and Love move freely across borders and great divides, binding all living things together as one.  The soft caress of love enlightens us to our higher consciousness and awakens within us the divine light of spirit, universe or any other name you may call it.

I also believe that particular crystals and minerals can help attract more love, or balance the love that we already have.  The stones that I would suggest are: Jade, Rose Quartz,  Malachite, Moss Agate, Rhodenite, Rhodochrosite and Serpentine.  Rose Quarts is my “go to” stone when I want to balance my heart centre and truly feel the love that is within me.

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Anahata and the Hexagram. What is the connection?

The hexagram symbol has many names, and has been used around the globe, embedded into world religions and weaved into numerous belief systems.  But, what is the relationship of the hexagram with Anahata or the Heart Chakra?


The Sat-kona, as it is known in Sanskrit, is at the heart of spirituality in India.  The hexagram is created using sacred geometry, by joining two equilateral triangles, six points emerge from the sacred space of the hexagram.

The union of the individual with the universe.  One triangle points upward signifying our humanly ascension to the universe, and the other pointed downward signifying the spirit to the individual.  In Sanskrit they are called Purusa (Man) and Prakrti (Nature or Intelligence).  As we continue to strive for more information and knowledge, we look upwards, and in the same instance the universe above us, always provides the answers down towards us.

These two triangles represent the balance of spirit and matter, merging together and creating the Sacred Space we hold at our Spiritual Centre – Anahata.  The Heart Chakra has always been identified as our Spiritual Centre, and the hexagram may represent the many sides of our complex emotions found in our Heart like compassion, tenderness, unconditional love, equilibrium, rejection and well-being.

Each one of our Chakras are connected to an Endocrine Gland, the Heart Chakra is linked to our Thymus Gland.  Funny how the Thymus Gland has two identical lobes and is tasked with maintaining homeostasis.  When our body is in Dis-Ease or the onset of illness, the Thymus is responsible to develop T-Cells to fend off these imbalances of the the body.  The Thymus is most active before puberty, and begins to atrophy or waste away from puberty onwards due to circulating hormones.  Luckily enough it continues it’s endocrine function, but is greatly reduced as we age, making us more susceptible to dis-ease and illness later in life.

The hexagram and the six-pointed star has been associated with many religions and the occult.  Symbolizing the balance or fulcrum of “who we are”, the masculinity and femininity or the Yin Yang.  We see this symbol used in every corner of our world, and I believe it represents our Oneness to one another, our Gateway to our Higher Consciousness.   Within ever religion and belief system, we find Love.  Love is the Unifying Force that connects each one of us together.

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