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The Road to Rhodonite


Rhodonite is a rich pink Heart Chakra Stone with inclusions of Manganese.  The loving energy of this Rhodonite will balance our heart centres and bring our mind and body into balance.


Rhodonite Pendant $30.00

Rhodonite has a long list of benefits to the carrier.  Starting with the central nervous systems this stone eases the blockages and allows the flow of information to occur.  Thyroid, Reflexes, and Pancreas are all strengthened by Rhodonite.  Memory, Immunity, Trauma, and Stress are other improvements that you will feel.

Rhodonite Palm Stone $4.00 each

When the Heart Chakra is in balance using Rhodonite you will feel an increased level of energy to both the mind and body.  Rhodonite is useful to bring Love, Peace and harmony into your life.

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Virtuous Sardonyx


Sardonyx is the stone of Virtue.  Friends and Fortune will be attracted with the use of Sardonyx.  Sardonyx brings happiness to our Marriage and or Domestic Partnerships.

Sardonyx Palm Stones $4.00

Sardonyx will encourage you to have self-control and diminish any hesitation to act on your beliefs, literally gives you the courage you have been seeking.  Sardonyx strengthens our intellect, aids in dissipating tumours and repelling infections.

Sardonyx aligns our spinal column, aids our thyroid gland, larynx and balances our metabolism.  Sardonyx works at the cellular level to dispel disturbances within our bone marrow.  Sardonyx allows one to realize the LOVE of LIVING.

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Rose Quartz – Love to the Heart Chakra

Rose Quartz – Heart Chakra

Rose Quartz is a wonderful stone to have in your collection, soothing and softening the energy of other stones and is known for its loving energy as the “Love Stone”.

Rose Quartz Pendant $30.00

Rose Quartz aid in kidney functioning and our circulatory system for an entire body cleanse.  Fertility opportunities are improved by easing our sexual and emotional imbalances with one another and with ourselves.  Rose Quartz releases our “Present Day” and “Past Life” attached negative emotions like; anger, resentment, guilt, fear, and jealousy.

Rose Quartz Palm Stone $4.00

Rose Quartz aids in reducing tension and stress by cooling hot tempers.  Rose Quartz also brings many positive attributes like; enhancing self-confidence, increasing creativity, forgiveness, compassion and love.  Rose Quartz simply attracts LOVE in all its Forms.

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Calcite – A Wonderful Healing Stone

Calcite – All Colours

Calcite is found in many different colours and crystal formations, this remarkable stone aids many of our organs including; kidneys, pancreas, and spleen.   Calcite aids in our hormonal balancing of male / female polarities.

Calcite Pendant Silver Bail - $30.00

Calcite reduces stress, and alleviates our fears of the unknown bring an all round balance to our emotional sector.  Calcite transmutes excess energy and will also amplify the necessary energies for spiritual growth and astral projection.

Calcite has a soft, joyous, light energy that clears and activates all of our chakras.  We can use Calcite to distribute multi-directional energy and to teach humanity to embrace love.

Orange Calcite Palm Stone $4.00 each

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Carnelian – The Sacral Chakra Stone

Carnelian – Sacral Chakra

Our Sacral Chakra brings fluidity to our bodies; Carnelian helps energize our muscles to bring forth movement allowing us to dance with our divinity.

Carnelian is known as a powerful healing stone by energizing our blood, tissue regeneration, aids our kidneys in their functioning, lungs, liver, gallbladder and pancreas will also all benefit from this powerhouse of a stone.

Carnelian brings vitality to our mental, physical and emotional bodies by enhancing our ability to attune with our inner self.  Carnelian also aids in concentration and creativity.  Finally, this stone is strongly known for its sexuality and sensuality, bringing forth our heightened senses of this warming and joyous social sector of our lives.

Carnelian Palm Stone $4.00 each

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Amethyst – The Stone of Royalty and Spiritual Journeys


Amethyst activates our Crown Chakra and helps us connect with our dharma or higher purpose in life.  Amethyst is known for its powerful protective abilities for our spiritual journeys and purification of the soul.

Amethyst Pendant silver Bail $30.00

Amethyst balances our pineal and pituitary glands bringing the entire body into homeostasis by strengthening our entire endocrine and immune systems.  This stone is also known to aid in mental disorders by clearing the mind of illusions and addictive behaviours.

Amethyst Cathedral $275

Amethyst creates a direct pipeline with the universe, this conduit with the divine will enhance psychic abilities, meditation, channelling and brings a sense of calm over your entire body.  The protective natures of Amethyst will allow the carrier to; heal more deeply, love more divinely, be inspired to take action on your ideas and enhance your intuitive abilities to help others.

Amethyst Geode $255.00

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Zebra Jasper

Zebra Jasper

Zebra Jasper is sometimes called Net Jasper for the unique arrangement of lines across the stone.  This stone is not to be confused with a similar Marble stone called the Picasso Stone.  This stone activates and balances all of our chakras from root to crown.

Zebra Jasper Pendant $30.00

Zebra Jasper aids in removing the thoughts of failure, or our feelings of inadequacy.  This stone allows us to vision our goal and take actions towards achieving it.  The balancing of all of our chakras while using this stones helps with our transition from our materialistic way of life to the spiritual dimension of abundance.

Zebra Jasper aids our physical bodies with an abundance of stamina and endurance, improving bone disorders, osteoporosis, teeth and gums and has a positive effect for conditions of muscle spasms and heart palpitations.

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