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Turquoise – It’s all about Communication


Turquoise activates our throat chakra giving us the ability to utilize our powerful listening and speaking skills.  Turquoise brings loyalty to the beholder; enhancing lasting friendships by balancing our emotions and bring peace of mind.

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Turquoise is a powerful communication stone, boosting our ability to articulate the words needed to be spoken.  When we speak freely with the use of Turquoise, brings tone and strength to our whole body including an increase to our creative expression.

Turquoise can aid in tissue regeneration, circulation and the entire circulatory and respiratory systems.  Turquoise also eases our ability to meditate by calming our nervous system, bringing an overall cool and calmness to the entire body.

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Virtuous Sardonyx


Sardonyx is the stone of Virtue.  Friends and Fortune will be attracted with the use of Sardonyx.  Sardonyx brings happiness to our Marriage and or Domestic Partnerships.

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Sardonyx will encourage you to have self-control and diminish any hesitation to act on your beliefs, literally gives you the courage you have been seeking.  Sardonyx strengthens our intellect, aids in dissipating tumours and repelling infections.

Sardonyx aligns our spinal column, aids our thyroid gland, larynx and balances our metabolism.  Sardonyx works at the cellular level to dispel disturbances within our bone marrow.  Sardonyx allows one to realize the LOVE of LIVING.

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The Green Swirls of Malachite


Malachite is a true Heart Chakra stone that also improves the strength of the heart muscle and circulatory system.  The Heart Chakra is often described as the fulcrum of the other Chakras, or the gateway from the physical to the spiritual.  Malachite is a true balancer stone for our bodies, helping us realize our subconscious physical blockages and bringing strength to our body and minds.

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Malachite can lift us out of a rut, and help us to stop the cycle of repeated patterns of difficulty.  Our difficulties sometimes occur from lack of sleep, affecting our physical bodies and our mental capabilities.  Malachite lets us achieve a balanced sleep cycle that includes deep and restorative frequencies to bring us inner strength to overcome karmic dangers and fears.

Body parts and organs that are nourished by Malachite are: pineal and pituitary glands that maintain homeostasis of the body, pancreas and spleen that aid in toxin removal and tissues regeneration can also occur.

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