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The rare Shattuckite is said to directly affect our human genetic code, increasing our cell division and re-growth/regeneration of healthy cells within our body.  Shattuckite activates our Throat and Third Eye Chakras giving us the ability to articulate our interpretation of the “Mind’s Eye”.

Shattuckite Pendant

Shattuckite will enable us to channel information more clearly and concisely from the spirit world, bringing the verbalization of spirit and energies from multiple dimensions.

Shattuckite is a stone of communication, increases our psychic abilities, and brings transformation to the carrier.  Shattuckite will open doors on different dimensions that previously appeared locked to us.

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Take My Picture – Jasper

Picture Jasper

Picture Jasper activates our Third Eye Chakra while providing an overall healing effect to our entire body.  Picture Jasper is generally known as the “Stone of Global Awareness”.

Picture Jasper Pendant $30.00

Picture Jasper aids in the development and commitment of business pursuits by activating our “Leader” abilities.  Picture Jasper allows us to work well with others by creating symbiotic relationships friends, family and co-workers.  Picture Jasper draws our community together to advance the protection of the Earth.

Picture Jasper Palm Stone $4.00 each

Picture Jasper promotes the spiritual development of humanity and connects us in an appreciative way with our natural surroundings.  Picture Jasper is one of the “Earth Stones” that cleanse the Earth and maintains its fine balance. Picture Jasper stimulates our own immune systems and aids in the treatment of skin and kidney disorders.

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Labradorite – It’s all about the Flash….


Labradorite is known as the Oracle stone activating our Third Eye Chakra and enhancing our psychic abilities.  Labradorite enhances your imagination and abilities to overcome any obstacle or limitation.

Labradorite Palm Stone $4.00

Labradorite Pendant

Labradorite draws us closer with Mother Earth and her loving energies, enabling us to bring forth magical dreams and clairvoyance.   Labradorite also aids in discovering the meaning behind your dreams, giving you in-depth knowledge and resources to draw upon for guidance to others.

Labradorite is referred to as the “Healers Healing Stone” this stone enables the healer or light worker to tap into the vast resources of information, within Labradorite, to aid themselves and others on their journeys.

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Sodalite – Creating possibilities from your minds eye

Sodalite – The Third Eye Chakra Stone

When our physical body is aligned with our mental, emotional and spiritual aspects, we feel harmony within our entire “being”.  Sodalite is the stone that will aid us in our progress towards that inner harmony.

Sodalite Pendant silver bail $30.00

Our creativity can sometime begin with a vision or ourselves in the past, present or future.  With the activation of our Third Eye Chakra and the use of Sodalite, our creative expression will burst forward through our minds eye.  Clarity, truth and enhanced communication skills will also benefit from the use of Sodalite.

The health benefits are numerous for Sodalite like: balancing the endocrine system, strengthening our metabolism and lymphatic systems.  Sodalite can also balance our masculine and feminine energies, dispel fears and creates a calm and clear mind.

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Lapis Lazuli – The Stone of Royalty

Lapis Lazuli:

Lapis is by far one of the most powerful Third Eye Chakra Stones to have in your collection.  Where should I begin with describing this beautiful powerhouse of a stone?  Wars have been waged, won and lost over this stone.  This stone has been traded for thousands of years by Egyptians and peoples from the Middle East and is especially known as the stone of royalty.  Used for eye shadow, paintings and adorned many sarcophagus’s included the famed King Tut’s face mask.

Lapis Lazuli Pendant $50.00

Lapis Lazuli helps one attain wisdom by aiding in deciphering the coded messages from spirit or god.  Lapis also strengthens our skeletal systems, activating our thyroid gland bringing our body in alignment for our ascension with our higher self or spirit guides.

Lapis has been used to release tension within the body, reduce anxiety and increases strength, vitality, and virility.  This stone can help us attain great wisdom and clarity, shedding light on our illumination and proximity with the divine.

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Kyanite not Kryptonite


Kyanite activates our Third Eye and also the Throat Chakra.  Kyanite helps increase our ability for telepathy, intuition and insight to occur for a greater understanding of our place within the universe and how we are all connected together as one.

Kyanite Pendant

This reliable stone does not need to be cleared or cleaned.  Leaving other stones on or near Kyanite also clears/cleans them from any negative energies that may have attached or diminished their metaphysical abilities.  Although I smudge all of my stones including Kyanite as a precautionary measure, to ensure that they will serve my highest good when called upon.  Kyanite always seems to be “shining” for me, and is called upon often.

Kyanite will enhance our creativity and communication within the Throat Chakra and has a very long list of abilities for the Third Eye Chakra such as: providing us with our inner vision and enhances our psychic abilities that include lucid dreaming, astral and inter-dimensional travel.

Luckily Kyanite will not disable us like Kryptonite does….

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Fluorite: The Healers Healing Stone.


This beautiful Third Eye Chakra Stone activates our Communication skills with the Universe allowing us to communicate on an inter-dimensional level.

Fluorite Pendant $40.00

Fluorite is a powerful healing stone, and can facilitate the dialogue necessary to bring healing to others.  Energy and Light Workers can use this stone for guidance and direction in healing others allowing them to find the true cause of the dis-ease.

Fluorite also aids in the concentration of your mind and improves your meditation capabilities allowing us to obtain and decipher the Universal Information available to us.  When we achieve a connection with Fluorite we are able to grasp abstract thoughts and concepts and understand the messages being given to us.

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