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Amazonite – Throat Chakra and so much more

Amazonite – Throat Chakra Stone

Amazonite, the beautiful Throat Chakra Stone, activates our creative skills and is a true visionary stone.  Amazonite soothes the nervous system bringing a sense of calm over the entire body.

Amazonite Pendant $60.00

Amazonite facilitates a creative expression by bringing joy and enlightenment to the carrier.  Amazonite aligns our mental and etheric bodies to bring balance to an over active mind.

Amazonite releases us from addictive habits by clearing our vision and obstructions of harmful behaviours and detrimental addictive habits.  Simply, Amazonite instils a warm feeling of happiness.

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Tiger Iron – One Super Strong Stone.

Tiger Iron

Tiger Iron is a combination of Hematite, Red or Yellow Jasper and Golden Tiger Eye.  Tiger Iron activates the bottom three Chakras grounding us with the Earth, while protecting and healing our physical identities.

Tiger Iron Pendant $40.00

Tiger Iron brings clarity in our mental and or knowledge sectors, enabling us to see the truth through the illusions.  Tiger Iron promotes our artistic abilities, bringing us confidence, strength vitality, willpower and balance.

Tiger Iron Palm Stones $5.00

Tiger Iron motivates our very being, releasing our natural steroids and builds muscular structure.  Tiger Iron balancing white and red cells, helps with healing legs, sexual organs, liver and the nervous system.

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Rhodonite – The Stone of Love, Peace and Harmony.


A rich pink Heart Chakra Stone with inclusions of Manganese.  The loving energy of this stone will balance our heart centres and bring our mind and body into balance.

Rhodonite Pendant silver Bail $30.00

This stone has a long list of benefits to the carrier.  Starting with the central nervous systems this stone eases the blockages and allows the flow of information to occur.  Thyroid, Reflexes, and Pancreas are all strengthened by Rhodonite.  Memory, Immunity, Trauma, and Stress are other improvements that you will feel.

When the Heart Chakra is in balance using Rhodonite you will feel an increased level of energy to both the mind and body.  This stone is useful to bring Love, Peace and harmony into your life.

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