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Unikite – Not just One Kite

Unikite is a combination of Feldspar, Epidote, and Quartz in a mottled appearance of pink, green, and white.  The feldspar and epidote provide balancing to the Heart Chakra while quartz connects us with the Soul Star Chakra above our heads.

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Unikite brings your consciousness into the present moment, and enables you to balance your emotional body and to bring it into alignment with the higher forces of spirituality by connecting these forces with your heart or your true self.

Unikite can be used in alleviating reproductive systems disorders, stimulating healthy pregnancies by focusing health and wellness to the unborn child.  Also, this stone has been used to address the psychological causes of weight gain.

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Quartz – More than just a time keeper


Quartz activates our Crown and Soul Star Chakras.  This stone vibrates at a remarkably stable and high frequency making them ideal for use in time measurement and elevating our spiritual consciousness to new levels allowing us to cross time, space and dimensions.

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At 32,768 Hz, quartz has been used in our modern age to measure time by using the piezoelectric effect of pinging the crystal tuning fork within all digital devices like watches and cell phones.  This constant frequency also enhances the pineal and pituitary glands bringing homeostasis to our entire endocrine system and wellbeing to our body.  When our bodies are in balance we able to elevate to new levels on all planes of existence.

Quartz is known as a remarkable healing stone; brain function, thoughts, meditation, and communication all benefit the carrier.  Quartz works well with most other crystals by enhancing their powers, double terminated quartz are said to be the most powerful in sending, receiving, storing, activating and amplifying energies, but, all quartz crystals are fully capable of this power.

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Diamonds are Everyones best friend.


What list would not include this fabulous stone?  Although considered one of four precious stones and has a very high monetary value depending on its characteristics.  This precious stone offers the wearer a very unique capability –  “Connecting” with the Universe and all things within it.

We have called this “thing” above us by so many names, God, Spirit, Mohammed, Shiva, Divine, Energy, I choose to call it Universe.  Sometimes referred to as the Soul Star Chakra, this powerhouse of knowledge is what we all strive to “tap” into.  Whether we are on our spiritual journey or devoted within our religion, the connection with the divine being is our greatest achievement and brings us one step closer to enlightenment.

To achieve this connection really consists of deciphering the code that the Universe is communicating in.  Diamonds help us with the ability to decipher and interpret this code bringing us clarity in situations that seem out of our control or beyond our abilities. ” Tuning into” Diamonds can also open our Third Eye Chakra, invigorating the mind/body and spirit energies within each one of us.

Diamonds represent many physical characteristics too.  Love, devotion, innocence and purity symbolize Diamonds.  They are often referred to as the stone of prosperity and success.

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