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Anahata and the Hexagram. What is the connection?

The hexagram symbol has many names, and has been used around the globe, embedded into world religions and weaved into numerous belief systems.  But, what is the relationship of the hexagram with Anahata or the Heart Chakra?


The Sat-kona, as it is known in Sanskrit, is at the heart of spirituality in India.  The hexagram is created using sacred geometry, by joining two equilateral triangles, six points emerge from the sacred space of the hexagram.

The union of the individual with the universe.  One triangle points upward signifying our humanly ascension to the universe, and the other pointed downward signifying the spirit to the individual.  In Sanskrit they are called Purusa (Man) and Prakrti (Nature or Intelligence).  As we continue to strive for more information and knowledge, we look upwards, and in the same instance the universe above us, always provides the answers down towards us.

These two triangles represent the balance of spirit and matter, merging together and creating the Sacred Space we hold at our Spiritual Centre – Anahata.  The Heart Chakra has always been identified as our Spiritual Centre, and the hexagram may represent the many sides of our complex emotions found in our Heart like compassion, tenderness, unconditional love, equilibrium, rejection and well-being.

Each one of our Chakras are connected to an Endocrine Gland, the Heart Chakra is linked to our Thymus Gland.  Funny how the Thymus Gland has two identical lobes and is tasked with maintaining homeostasis.  When our body is in Dis-Ease or the onset of illness, the Thymus is responsible to develop T-Cells to fend off these imbalances of the the body.  The Thymus is most active before puberty, and begins to atrophy or waste away from puberty onwards due to circulating hormones.  Luckily enough it continues it’s endocrine function, but is greatly reduced as we age, making us more susceptible to dis-ease and illness later in life.

The hexagram and the six-pointed star has been associated with many religions and the occult.  Symbolizing the balance or fulcrum of “who we are”, the masculinity and femininity or the Yin Yang.  We see this symbol used in every corner of our world, and I believe it represents our Oneness to one another, our Gateway to our Higher Consciousness.   Within ever religion and belief system, we find Love.  Love is the Unifying Force that connects each one of us together.

Live Harmoniously in Love


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The Frequency of Quartz

How important is quartz to our survival?  Each day we rely on this abundant crystal found around the world in more ways than one.

For those that know a lot about this powerful crystal, here is a refresher, for those that know a little, enjoy the information and be amazed at this beautiful semi-precious gemstone and what some would say has “miraculous abilities”.

Before we begin, I think I need to explain the Piezoelectric Effect.  The Piezoelectric Effect means that some crystals generate a current as they are deformed.  Quartz is one of them.  Striking quartz will cause it to deform and produce a current of electricity.  The same applies when you apply voltage to a quartz crystal, it will deform, we call this the Reverse Piezoelectric Effect.

Now that we understand the Piezoelectric Effect we can dive deeper into the importance of this crystal and how it has a firm grip in our society, and defines who we are.

Now you might be thinking about tuning your piano with this little guy, similar, but this one oscillates at a much higher frequency than the tuning forks that are tuned to the 7 notes of the western music scale.  Quartz Tuning Forks like this little one, oscillates or vibrates at 32,768 Hz precisely.  Your digital watch’s circuitry measures  the oscillations or vibrations of the tuning fork to maintain time and to ensure that your time piece does not run slow or run fast over longer periods of time.

Quartz Tuning Fork from within your watch.

Quartz is used because it is very stable, both physically and mechanically, continuing to work in all types of extreme conditions found on earth.  We can find these little tuning forks in every digital watch, cell phone, GPS units or anything else that measures time digitally.

These devices help wake us up in the morning by signalling an alarm, let us know of our daily appointments, prevent our cakes from being burnt in the oven, ensure that we get to our job interviews, essentially molding us into who we are.  Can you imagine if you were late for something because your time piece ran slower than everyone else’s.  Could we find our friends at prearranged meeting times and locations? I think not.  Our lives would be brought back 100 years, searching for the closest sundial to coordinate your day properly.  All kidding aside, our lives today would be totally different without the wonders of Quartz and the Piezoelectric Effect.

So why are we attracted to quartz?  Not only is it the largest single mineral found on earth, it comes in a large assortment of types; Amethyst, Citrine, Rose and Smoky Quartz, Clear Quartz sometimes called rock crystal, these are just to name a few.  Here are a couple of photos of various Quartz Stone Pendants

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These different quartz are connected to our various chakras throughout our body.  Clear Quartz can represent our Crown Chakra or the Soul Star Chakra (a universal chakra above our heads).  Clear quartz assists us to decipher the information that is being presented to us, the Universe is filled with coded messages that we have difficulty understanding if we have not prepared our body, mind and spirits to do so.   Our daily meditation, or yoga practice can also bring awareness to this vast wealth of information available to us.

Here is a beautiful piece of art that I make to help balance a room or environment to facilitate an opening of your Crown Chakra bringing awareness to the Soul Star Chakra and the symphony of intelligence around us.

Crystal Healing Tree - 14 inch diameter

Whether you are wearing clear, rose, smoky, rutilated, tourmalated, or any other piece of quartz in its wonderful abundance of colours, you are sure to feel connected, you will discover your place in the universe, a sense of belonging and knowing that you are part of the beautiful web of the world we live in.  This gemstone is more than just semi-precious, it is absolutely precious to all life on earth in one way or another, may it bring you Peace, Joy, Happiness and not to forget, Timeliness.

Live Harmoniously


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