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The rare Shattuckite is said to directly affect our human genetic code, increasing our cell division and re-growth/regeneration of healthy cells within our body.  Shattuckite activates our Throat and Third Eye Chakras giving us the ability to articulate our interpretation of the “Mind’s Eye”.

Shattuckite Pendant

Shattuckite will enable us to channel information more clearly and concisely from the spirit world, bringing the verbalization of spirit and energies from multiple dimensions.

Shattuckite is a stone of communication, increases our psychic abilities, and brings transformation to the carrier.  Shattuckite will open doors on different dimensions that previously appeared locked to us.

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Turquoise – It’s all about Communication


Turquoise activates our throat chakra giving us the ability to utilize our powerful listening and speaking skills.  Turquoise brings loyalty to the beholder; enhancing lasting friendships by balancing our emotions and bring peace of mind.

Turquoise Pendant $95.00

Turquoise is a powerful communication stone, boosting our ability to articulate the words needed to be spoken.  When we speak freely with the use of Turquoise, brings tone and strength to our whole body including an increase to our creative expression.

Turquoise can aid in tissue regeneration, circulation and the entire circulatory and respiratory systems.  Turquoise also eases our ability to meditate by calming our nervous system, bringing an overall cool and calmness to the entire body.

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Blue Lace Agate – The Goddess Stone

Blue Lace Agate activates the Throat Chakra, this chakra is known as the communication centre or ”Sound Centre”, sending and receiving vibrations concerned with extending our connectedness with those around us and with the universe.

Blue Lace Stones to become Pendants

Blue Lace Agate aids us in finding the right words to communicate clearly and concisely ones inner knowing, and listen to the words spoken so that a complete circle of information is obtained and given.

Blue Lace Agate will benefit us on the physical, mental and spiritual levels by; enhancing our intuition, promotes our peace of mind, soothes our anger, eases our tensions, and helps one connect with their Goddess energy.

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Kyanite not Kryptonite


Kyanite activates our Third Eye and also the Throat Chakra.  Kyanite helps increase our ability for telepathy, intuition and insight to occur for a greater understanding of our place within the universe and how we are all connected together as one.

Kyanite Pendant

This reliable stone does not need to be cleared or cleaned.  Leaving other stones on or near Kyanite also clears/cleans them from any negative energies that may have attached or diminished their metaphysical abilities.  Although I smudge all of my stones including Kyanite as a precautionary measure, to ensure that they will serve my highest good when called upon.  Kyanite always seems to be “shining” for me, and is called upon often.

Kyanite will enhance our creativity and communication within the Throat Chakra and has a very long list of abilities for the Third Eye Chakra such as: providing us with our inner vision and enhances our psychic abilities that include lucid dreaming, astral and inter-dimensional travel.

Luckily Kyanite will not disable us like Kryptonite does….

See My Kyanite Crystal Podcast on my YouTube Channel at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vDNCN8mXYQU

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Visuddha Chakra and its Crystals

Kundalini has now crossed the bridge, through the gateway to the spirit.  Visuddha, the Throat Chakra is where we begin to leave the physical attachments we have, behind us.  This wonderful serpent of creation is on her way to meet her partner Shiva, Kundalini is also known as Shakti the Goddess of creation, whereas Shiva is known as the god of destruction, together they dance the eternal dance of life while keeping the universe in balance.

This Chakra represents our communication and creativity centres, sound, vibration and telepathy are also linked to the throat chakra.  Physically, Visuddha is related to our neck, shoulders, arms and hands.  When we feel that our voice is not being heard, do we not say “our hands are tied”?  While at work, and we are not being honoured for our creativity, do we not feel the tension and stiffness in our shoulders?  Two glands are connected to this chakra, the Thyroid and Parathyroid.  The Thyroid promotes body/brain growth and cell repair while the Parathyroid assists with calcium and phosphate metabolism.

The element sound is related with the throat chakra.  Sound travels at 1159 km per hour and is received through the eardrum.  Both the ear and the throat are linked and acting as one entity, our speaking skills are only as good as our listening and vice versa.  Our actual audible capabilities range somewhere between 40Hz – 18kHz and comes with limitations from hearing loss or our ego sometimes gets in the way and may have already passed judgement before we have even heard the words spoken.

I also believe that particular crystals and minerals can help with our speaking and listening skills and bring balance to our throat chakra.  The stones that I would suggest are: Kyanite, Blue Lace Agate and Turquoise.  Blue Lace Agate is my “go to” stone when I can’t afford the other two and I want to balance my throat chakra or preparing to give a speech to a large audience.

You can learn much more in my workshops that I conduct regularly at different yoga studios, or from my home.


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